4 Most usable tools for Wood crafts

In creating Wood Crafts at your home, you may consider using different materials and tools. Many woodworkers can create amazing things with wood to relieve stress and exercise their creative muscles.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a master craftsperson or an amateur, you need to have some of the below tools for woodworking.

Below we listed 4 the most usable tools you can use at home:

  1. Saws
  2. Hammers
  3. Hand planes
  4. Wood Carving Tools


A sharp saw is a pleasure to use; it’s a first must have item for each Wood crafter.

With the help of it it’s very comfy to saw different wood materials, remove unnecessary wood pieces etc.


The common hammer has face drives nails and the two-pronged claw pulls nails out of wood. 

A hammer is a simple tool allowing you to manually drive nails, brads, and other things in wood materials.


A hand plane is a tool for shaping wood to force the cutting blade over the wood surface.

Hand planes are designed to offer superior trimming ability, they come with a high-quality blade made from sharpened, usually1/8-inch steel


The most popular wood carving tools are:

  • straight chisel, with a straight flat edge;
  • straight gouge, with a curved cutting edge which will range in depth;
  • short bent, with a small spoon-like dip used for quick deep cuts;
  • long bent, which will make a long deep cut;
  • straight skew, with a diagonal cutting edge

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Nice! Now you know the most usable tools for doing crafts at home!

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